i'm captive on this love caravan
curious, a little mad
and i've been trying to learn all I can
until it's time to move on, again

and i've been silent in my sadness
because we just don't speak the same love
so i gotta move on now

there's a girl in there she's calling
and i've got to to out walking
said I gotta move on, now

ooh, been waiting for the light to change

is it too late for us baby?
or have our eyes just gone lazy
and we lost sight, somehow

because we fall in love like stars collide
but when it's gone it's ember dying
and we move on out

ooh i feel like a fool i feel sore
sitting here crying, on the kitchen floor
wondering what
i've been waiting for
wanting just, a little more

waiting for the light to change
waiting for the light.
waiting for the light to change
waiting for the light to, change

so throw your arms around me
this love could be astounding
higher than the heavens

or a kiss for love, a kiss for luck
lets wander out under the stars above
as we move on now




Vocals, composition: Maya McNeil

Electric guitar: Symone Harvey

Acoustic guitar: Matt McDavid

Bass: Nick Galotta

Drums: Reese Bullen

Organ: James Holt

Production, Mixing and Engineering: Matt McDavid
Co-Production: Maya McNeil

Maya McNeil
Waiting for the Light to Change

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