When you wake up, in the morning

and the sun hits your sleepy eyes

know that I might be, thinking of you

and I might love you all my life


And I would have sailed the ocean blue 

to be with you, but I, didn’t sew the sail.


Well, I do alright in the morning

but it gets harder towards the end of the day

this sad space of not quite knowing

can leave even a strong heart sunken in


So I pull these sad glass bubbles

from out of my throat 

and I throw them, skipping-hicupping

out across the water

They float and I know

That I'll see them again, sooner than later


Cuz the never ending rolling tide has 

Never ending change in mind

And I hope to see you more clearly

Yes to gaze upon your lovely face and 

Love you freely, my dear


So when you wake up, in the middle of the night

And there’s somebody new by your side

Find your way back to your good dreams

And know that everything will be alright


Looking out on the ocean blue and I think of you

And I let you go, 

I let you go,

I let you go

Vocals, Ukulele, Composition: Maya McNeil

Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar: Beaumont Bradbury

Production, Mixing and Engineering: Matt McDavid
Co-Production: Maya McNeil


I wrote this song in one go, sitting on a boulder on the Bolinas, CA shoreline, shortly after a monumental break up. I sang it for the previous partner shortly after, and neither of us really understood it or even liked it much. Too soon I suppose. But whatya know, over a decade later, they have sailed on to be one of my truest best friends, delightfully married to another rad human and with a kiddo, whom both I adore. The good dreams are good, the glass bubbles and the hiccups are as real as they come. The boulder is still on the shore. I am still sewing my wind filled bellows, singing songs of sea change and watching the tide.