'main stream' portrait BY ARTIST: MOMO

'main stream' film credits:

DIRECTED BY: Nicole Klaymoon,

founder of The Embodiment Project

FILMED BY: Jason Tawiah


Amber Nicole

Terrence Paschal


Keisha Turner

Johnny Nguyen

McNeil kin

main stream


the wind blows, wild down the mountain 

ancient, older than time

find patience

breath in that oxygen 

ride the wave of your life


you remind me of the main stream

singing high up in the pine trees 

and in the rain


not the one we see on TV,

not the shadow realities

but the one we know

in our soul



snow falling to the ground

we’ve come this way before

there’s a silence that has divided 

that can not live here anymore


as we remember the main stream

rising up in our memory

do you see it now

in your periphery?


In the night I feel it walking

moonlight doing all the talking

wandering like a stream

through my veins


when I remember...


lay your body on the seashore

recall what you came here for

the wind blows

softly through your plastic clothes, asking each time, 

‘don’t you want more?’


Want to dance under the main stream?

milky way around us shining

What will you give, in the letting go?


nothing hidden nothing hiding

all the roads are intertwining

tell me now, do you want to go?


our altars

these walking bones

our altars

these wandering bones


in the fall, we find our way

such a long time, coming to today

in the fog, we find our way

such a long time, coming...


through it all we are the main stream

hear the song of belonging

to this place of wild grace

World of minerals and lightning

young, and old, and ancient shy things


from the land


oh, the secrets of this place

for a short time


we get to stay




Vocals, acoustic guitar, composition: Maya McNeil

Synths and production: Gawain Mathews, Matt McDavid

Drums: Beamont Bradbury

Animal voices: Humpback whale, Red Tail Hawk

Recorded and engineered at:

Gawain Mathews Music Studio

Sanctuary Sound Studios