get out of the ties that bind you

step out from behind the shadow 

of those who’ve come before

reach out and grab the rope 

to jump into your own confidence

it’ll tow you to the shore

cuz no one, no one’s, gonna love you more


let go of all the ties that bound you

give a deep bow to the shadows of those who’ve come before

speak up and drown out the noise, out the noise!

of the voices that keep you down, keep you out, keep you sore 

cuz no one, no one’s, gonna love you more

than your own sweet heart


don’t let them tell you, how to do your thing

if it doesn’t feel right then baby, spread your wings

and if you get tired of fighting the stream

relax your body and take a swim

take a swim, yeah, dive right in

to your own spring 


cuz no one, no one’s, gonna love you more

tell me who could love you, who could ever love you more?

than your own sweet heart? than your own sweet heart


yeah x


Vocals, acoustic guitar, composition: Maya McNeil

Many, many Horns: Zo Blow

Electric guitar, piano, drums: Beaumont Bradbury 

Bass: Nick Galotta

Recorded and engineered at Sanctuary Sound Studios




Try writing a happy song they said. (They, mostly being the make judges in my head..) So I picked up my guitar and mocked them by strumming  the standard ole GCD major chord progression... but little did I know, that the genius of this time tested chord sandwich of so many plain old good songs would make something of me yet. And so this song was born, and is a gift to every little kid, no matter the age of being, that needed or need a bigger sibling to have their back, while also holding a mirror up to reflect how mighty your own heart is and that you you deserve it's love too.