I fly on through

while they move slow


I need the air

they make the coals


It’s broken my heart 

how different we can be

And it opens my heart 

how different we can be


I want it now, before I close my eyes

They wait till the morning light

till it feels right


I hold it all in my heart

they turn it over 

one piece at a time


It’s breaking my heart

busting at the seams

It’s breaking my heart

how beautiful they are to me


And then the cracks run down 

and we spill out, against the grain

love is a galaxy of seeds

ready for the rain


I’ve wept infused with conviction

they’ve held out their hand


melting to re-form

rising, reborn

till we understand

yeah, we understand


it’s all in the heart 

how beautiful we are


I’ve broken my heart

to make room for you


to open the heart is a

mighty thing to do

its gonna take 

All of you


So wont you try

this love?

c’mon and try,

give it up


that weary look in your eye

so you can see 

what we are made of


cuz last night 

we were 


and now 


we’re friends


from far away

we lean in,

from far away

we lean in


Vocals, composition: Maya McNeil

Acoustic guitar: Grant Harrington

Electric guitar: Symone Harvey, Matt McDavid

Bass: Nick Galotta

Drums, percussion: Reese Bullen

Didgeridoo, Tambura: Sonia Cook

Recorded and engineered at Sanctuary Sound Studios


A queer lemniscate::  this song is a raw reflection of the spiral path emerging from deep inside, bursting out through the world and back again, generations over. it started as a meditation on a relationship, and then many relationships, challenged by our differences and inability to see and accept the other as we are because we were largely tethered by our own hurts, fears, and thus limitations. 

A teacher once said 'may we be boundless within the boundaries of our own being.' It's often hard to define what one's boundaries are, or know how boundless we can be, when those closest to us don't always see us, or model such freedom, for oh so many reasons and historical realities.

This song is dedicated to every queer kid and every parent of queer kids, trying to find their way. To every lover loving another, and to that smart lady Brene Brown for telling us to Lean In when faced with adversity, our own & biases and bigotries, to change the way we love and the way act and we see.