get off the tracks,

get off the tracks.


don’t you know, that they won’t be coming back?

don’t you wait for that whistle to blow, to blow


I cried out in the night, under a warm starry summer sky

cuz I couldn’t catch them, no matter how hard I tried


what’s that ahead?

what’s that ahead?


ooh, your heart will break

if it’s another lonely bend

but you were hoping I know, I know


breathlessly I made it to that front door

their ashes, they fell to the floor

I walked on by that penetrating stare

or maybe they, were just standing there


don’t look behind,

don’t you look behind.


your feet are gonna catch those railroad ties

yeah you better look out below, below!


cuz love in the lion’s den

I was young it’s somewhere I had never been

Yeah the heat it lured me in

sweet, sweet, sweet


cold white moon

cold white moon


why don’t you go on home and make some room?

for the big hot sun to glow, to glow


over the brim and through the briar

my heart, found it’s one desire



Vocals, composition: Maya McNeil

Electric Guitar: Beaumont Bradbury, Symone Harvey

Bass: Nick Galotta

Drums: Beaumont Bradbury

Organ: James Holt

Production, Mixing and Engineering: Matt McDavid
Co-Production: Maya McNeil



High school love, the perseiod meteor shower on the railroad tracks, tall tales of characters, maybe nothing but an apparition. I'll never know, the two were always two steps ahead or behind.