There’s a cold, cold wind that blows through the clouds

from the mountains below where I used to run…


Now my running days are through and I sit here and wait

for my friends and foes to meet their fate.


If you came up, on a cold night, warm your hands on the star fire.

Because the long road, don’t end here

if your wheels are still spinning.


Yes I know what they’ve told us about heaven’s gates

did they tell us how, the roads were paved?

With ice and snow and seagull bones 

and the tears that the angels cried for their home


What did we come here for? Did we really believe, 

someone else could forgive us for all that we did? 

I wish we could go on home

not try this again, but back around

does the wheel spin


So many preachin’ men have thought they made their own way, 

but I wonder if they ask on their dying day:


‘Is this the coldest dream that I’ve ever dreamt?’

‘Is this the closest to God that I’m going to get?’


when they’ve left behind a legacy of lies, for all those

that trusted in them, to divide


To divide, to divide

who decides who wears the shackles or the crown?

To divide, to divide 

who’s lies are we passing down?


Well this crystalline cold landscape was shaped by a mind

coveting secrets, and trinkets, and ties.

From the day that we’re born until the day we die

Are we gonna walk these lines between truths and lies?


Because 'out beyond right and wrong

There is a field, I’ll meet you there.' -Rumi


Vocals, composition: Maya McNeil

Spanish guitar, drums: Beaumont Bradbury

Acoustic guitar: Maya McNeil, Matt McDavid

Stand up Bass: Nick Galotta

Genius idea to add storm sounds: Matt McDavid

Slide guitar: Joe Rutt

Production, Mixing and Engineering: Matt McDavid
Co-Production: Maya McNeil