Wake up, now

the mountain’s coming down

it’s time to go, before the snow.


you crossed the line

went where you were 

never meant to go.

I think it’s time, that you know


I’ll be catching all the sun

I’ll be calling down the moon

I can’t undo all you’ve done

but I can make some room


that night, spinning round

they couldn’t tell what was up from down

trying to make space to breathe

down on their knees


All it takes is a moment in time

to disempower somebody’s life

who will gain from what you choose

because we all win or lose


I am praying for the son

buried deep within the moon

for that warrior of love

to rise up in in you


get back, we are not the only ones

go back, to the one you could become

give back, you no longer have to be 

what you have done


or we are all that we’ve become

carrying everything we own

leaving trails sparkling in the snow

up this mountain we call 



Vocals, composition: Maya McNeil

Acoustic guitar: Maya McNeil

Piano: CaitliGowdey

Electric guitar, synths: Matt McDavid

Cello: Joe Zeitlin

Bass: Nick Galotta 

Drums: Reese Bullen

Production, Mixing and Engineering: Matt McDavid
Co-Production: Maya McNeil